Publications & Preprints


  1. Diff-ResNets for Few-shot Learning -- an ODE Perspective
    Tangjun Wang, Zehao Dou, Chenglong Bao, Zuoqiang Shi, Arxiv:2105.03155. [pdf]

  2. A Semi-smooth Newton based Augmented Lagrangian Method for Nonsmooth Optimization on Matrix Manifolds
    Yuhao Zhou, Chenglong Bao, Chao Ding, Jun Zhu, Arxiv:2103.02855. [pdf]

  3. Tightness and Equivalence of Semidefinite Relaxations for MIMO Detection
    Ruichen Jiang, Ya-Feng Liu, Chenglong Bao, Bo Jiang, Arxiv:2102.04586. [pdf]

  4. Approximation Analysis of Convolutional Neural Networks
    Chenglong Bao, Qianxiao Li, Zuowei Shen, Cheng Tai, Lei Wu, Xueshuang Xiang, submitted. [pdf]

Journal papers

  1. An adaptive block Bregman proximal gradient method for computing stationary states of multicomponent phase-field crystal model
    Chenglong Bao, Chang Chen, Kai Jiang. CSIAM Transactions on Applied Mathematics, accepted, 2021. [pdf]

  2. Improved Harmonic Incompatibility Removal for Susceptibility Mapping via Reduction of Basis Mismatch
    Chenglong Bao, Jian-Feng Cai, Jae Kyu Choi, Bin Dong, Ke Wei. Journal of Computational Mathematics, accepted, 2021.

  3. Self-Distillation: Towards Efficient and Compact Neural Networks
    Linfeng Zhang, Chenglong Bao, Kaisheng Ma. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, accepted, 2021. [pdf]

  4. Zero Norm based Analysis Model for Image Smoothing and Reconstruction
    Jiebo Song, Jia Li, Zhengan Yao, Kaisheng Ma, Chenglong Bao. Inverse Problems, 36(11), 2020. [pdf]

  5. Efficient Numerical Methods for Computing the Stationary States of Phase Field Crystal Models
    Kai Jiang, Wei Si, Chang Chen, Chenglong Bao. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 42(6), B1350–B1377, 2020. [pdf]

  6. Barzilai-Borwein-based adaptive learning rate for deep learning
    Jinxiu Liang, Yong Xu, Chenglong Bao, Yuhui Quan, Hui Ji. Pattern Recognition Letters , 128(1), 197-203, 2019. [pdf]

  7. Whole brain susceptibility mapping using harmonic incompatibility removal
    Chenglong Bao, Jae Kyu Choi, and Bin Dong. SIAM Journal on Imaging Science,12(1), 492-520,2019. [pdf]

  8. Investigating energy-based pool structure selection in the structure ensemble modeling with experimental distance constraints: the example from a molti-domain protein Pub 1
    Guanhua Zhu, Wei Liu, Chenglong Bao, Dudu Tong, Hui Ji, Zuowei Shen, Daiwei Yang, and Lanyuan Lu. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 86 (5), 501–514, 2018.[pdf]

  9. PET-MRI joint reconstruction by joint sparsity based tight frame regolarization
    Jae Kyu Choi, Chenglong Bao, and Xiaoqun Zhang. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 11 (2), 1179–1204, 2018. [pdf]

  10. Coherence retrieval using trace regolarization
    Chenglong Bao, George Barbastathis, Hui Ji, Zuowei Shen, and Zhengyun Zhang. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 11 (1), 679–706, 2018. [pdf]

  11. Apparent coherence loss in phase space tomography
    Zhengyun Zhang, Chenglong Bao, Hui Ji, Zuowei Shen, and George Barbastathis. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 34 (11), 2025–2033, 2017.[pdf]

  12. Image restoration by minimizing zero norm of wavelet frame coefficients
    Chenglong Bao, Bin Dong, Likun Hou, Zuowei Shen, Xiaoqun Zhang, and Xue Zhang. Inverse Problems, 32 (1), 2016. [pdf]

  13. Cerebellar functional parcellation using sparse dictionary learning clustering
    Changqing Wang, Judy Kipping, Chenglong Bao, Hui Ji, and Anqi Qiu. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 10 (188), 2016 [pdf]

  14. Dictionary learning for sparse coding: algorithms and convergence analysis
    Chenglong Bao, Hui Ji, Yuhui Quan, and Zuowei Shen. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 38 (7), 1356–1369, 2016. [pdf]

  15. Convergence analysis for iterative data-driven tight frame construction scheme
    Chenglong Bao, Hui Ji, and Zuowei Shen. Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, 38 (3), 510–523, 2015. [pdf]

Conference papers

  1. Wavelet J-Net: A Frequency Perspective on Convolutional Neural Networks
    Linfeng Zhang, Xiaoman Zhang, Chenglong Bao, Kaisheng Ma. IJCNN, 2021.

  2. An Unsupervised Deep Learning Approach for Real-World Image
    Dihan Zheng, Sia Huat Tan, Xiaowen Zhang, Zuoqiang Shi, Kaisheng Ma, Chenglong Bao. ICLR, 2021. [pdf] [Code]

  3. Task-Orientated Feature Distillation
    Linfeng Zhang, Yukang Shi, Zuoqiang Shi, Kaisheng Ma, Chenglong Bao. NeurIPS 2020. [pdf][Code]

  4. Interpolation between Residual and Non-Residual Networks
    Zonghan Yang, Yang Liu, Chenglong Bao, Zuoqiang Shi. ICML 2020. [pdf][Code]

  5. Auxiliary Training: Towards Accurate and Robust Models
    Linfeng Zhang, Muzhou Yu, Tong Chen, Zuoqiang Shi, Chenglong Bao, Kaisheng Ma. CVPR 2020. [pdf][Code]

  6. Light-weight Calibrator: a Separable Component for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
    Shaokai Ye, Kailu Wu, Mu Zhou, Yunfei Yang, Sia huat Tan, Kaidi Xu, Jiebo Song, Chenglong Bao, Kaisheng Ma. CVPR 2020. [pdf]

  7. Robust Document Distance with Wasserstein-Fisher-Rao Metric
    Zihao Wang, Datong Zhou, Yong Zhang, Chenglong Bao, Hao Wu. ACML 2020. [pdf]

  8. SCAN: A Scalable Neural Networks Framework Towards Compact and Efficient Models
    Linfeng Zhang, Zhanhong Tan, Jiebo Song, Jingwei Chen, Chenglong Bao, and Kaisheng Ma. NeurIPS. Vancouver, 2019. [pdf][Code]

  9. Be your own teacher: improve the performance of convolutional neural networks via self distillation
    Linfeng Zhang, Jiebo Song, Anni Gao, Jingwei Chen, Chenglong Bao, and Kaisheng Ma. ICCV, Seoul, 2019. [pdf][Code]

  10. Equiangular kernel dictionary learning with applications to dynamic texture analysis
    Yuhui Quan, Chenglong Bao, and Hui Ji. CVPR, Las Vegas, 2016 [pdf]

  11. A convergent incoherent dictionary learning algorithm for sparse coding
    Chenglong Bao, Yuhui Quan, and Hui Ji. ECCV, Zurich, 2014. [pdf]

  12. L0 norm based dictionary learning by proximal methods with global convergence
    Chenglong Bao, Hui Ji, Yuhui Quan, and Zuowei Shen. CVPR, Columbus, 2014. [pdf]

  13. Fast sparsity based orthogonal dictionary learning for image restoration
    Chenglong Bao, Jian-feng Cai, and Hui Ji. ICCV, Sydney,2013. [pdf]

  14. Real time robust L1 tracker using accelerated proximal gradient method
    Chenglong Bao, Yi Wu, Haibin Ling, and Hui Ji. CVPR, Rhole Island, 2012. [pdf]

Unpublsihed Technical Reports

  1. An efficient method for computing stationary states of phase field crystal models
    Kai Jiang, Wei Si, Chenglong Bao. Arxiv:1909.00305. [pdf]

  2. Brain-inspired reverse adversarial examples
    Shaokai Ye, Sia Huat Tan, Kaidi Xu, Yanzhi Wang, Chenglong Bao, and Kaisheng Ma. arXiv:1905.12171. [pdf]